Step 175: Updating the Inner Map – Be a Star!

Right now we are traveling on a living – sentient – spaceship – hurtling through time and space at almost 69,000 MPH.  Destination – Unknown.   For today – reconsider that “transformation” is NOT meant to be an adornment – but rather – an unraveling to get you to the “next level.”   Be your own SheroAll is well! ❤


Step 174: Conscious Consent

“Everything I’ve ever let go of has claw marks on it.”  ~David Foster Wallace

July begins at the end of June.  The Japanese call it Kaizen –continuous improvement.” Marketers call it Vertical Thinking – it’s logical and evolves in a step-by-step manner.  Horizontal Thinking is the opposite – it’s boundless and broad – it’s the searchlight that spots anomalies in the sea of similarity – in patterns – connections – relationships.  For today – look and listen DEEPLY to see what does NOT belong AND WHY?  Linguists call it the Eureka Moment as we make a “leap” and discover a problem or concept that previously we could not see.  AHA!   If you’ve been keeping your head above water – start swimming for the shore!  It’s a good day to “see” what needs to be forgiven from the past.  If we’re honest with Self – we’ll see we are all guilty of something.  Be kind and compassionate to Self and others.  We are ALL rowing the same boat.  All is well!   ❤


Step 173: Sunday Blessings – Finding Clarity

“He who wants to do good knocks at the gate; he who loves finds the gate open.”  ~Stardrops

Cue the “Twilight-Zone” music.  We’re all in “it” together.  Control is an illusion.  Revealing the concealed.  The rusty ‘cog‘ in the wheel is FINALLY starting to move. We have to be honest with Self before we can be honest with another.  What we “think” we “know is really only a small piece of the puzzle. No one can see their own “blind spots.”  When the time is right – it is revealed. It’s called “hind-sight.”  By recalling the abuse and all that has been misunderstood (without judgement) – The Unraveling can begin.  It’s time!  Good news for those who feel as if they’ve lost or missed out – in the pre-birth-planning-phase – the Soul plans for contingencies.  While the Soul has its agendawe get to decide our mode of transportation – travel mates and the pace we will travel through time and space as an Earthwalker. Believe it or not – “you are the one you’ve been waiting for!”  Find 5 things to be grateful for – keep your sense of humor – if you’re “left-brained” use your “right-brain” and vice versa.  Keep going – take breaks when needed.  Pace yourself.  Inhale deeply – that’s Liberation you smell!  All is well!  ❤

And in the – “well – that’s interesting department” – here’s an update US Senate members received about UFO’s! 


Step 172: Mutation

“Apologia – (noun) – a work written as an explanation or justification of one’s actions, motives or acts.” 

Retrospection connects the disassociated parts into a meaningful whole.  There is an Intelligent Design beneath all the chaos.  After the “shaking and stirring” it gets sorted out.  Understanding arrives this weekend.  Difficult situations often bring out great resourcefulness.  It’s called Mutationchanging form. Suffering occurs when we try to hold onto what is no longer neededLet go.  Some things just can’t be “faked” anymore – especially in relationships (with self and others)For todayOBSERVE – NOTICE – REPEAT – OBSERVE – NOTICE – REPEAT – OBSERVE – NOTICE – REPEAT!  A pattern is coming into viewInternal stillness is the goal.  What we need will be revealed – when we listen with the Intent to receive Truth.  Get outside.  Play in the water – take a long bath – give Self permission to “soak it all in.”  What you seek is seeking you!  It’s traveling at “warp-speed.”  Healing is heading this way.  Please be your own Shero.  All is well!   ❤

Step 171: The Long Slow Dance

“If you always do, what you have always done – you will always get, what you have always gotten.”  ~ A Wise Person

“Before I die, I want to ____________.”   Sun stands still – Summer Solstice – longest day – shortest night in the Northern Hemisphere.  We begin our descent into the Darkness after reaching the peak.  Bodies are born – we are not.  Bodies die – we do not.  We cycle through the Seasons and call it “my Life.”  The Unconscious is waking upSome are disappointed.  Some are conflicted.  Some gain clarity.  Some find resolution.  Return to “my” Core.    For today – no matter what – embrace and lean in. Resisting prolongs pain.  Seeds planted last Fall are going to begin blooming.  Asking “WHY” is the first step to surrendering to the Intelligence of the Heart.  Once a body dies – the Mind disappears – it’s a construct created by “my brain” to help “me” function as an Earthwalker.  “Lions and tigers and bears – oh my!”  Question everything! There is a Hope and/or a Dream – but it will require long-term-commitment.  How far do you want to go – how much are you willing to risk? Stretch your body – stay hydrated – get out in Nature and laugh out loud (at least once) today!  You can save yourself – Be your own Shero!  Be kind. Have compassion. Look into a stranger’s eyes.  All is well!  ❤

The Long Slow Dance – Analemma – Solstice! 🙂



Step 170: Pause and Effect

“Insipience – (noun) – lack of wisdom; foolishness.”

Spirituality is about to go Mainstream and America WILL grow up.  Without “contrast” the Soul could not evolve.  Expect InspirationClear the Mind and observe – while letting go of any AND all preconceived outcomes.  Turn it over to Spirit – because we really don’t understand or know – just yetSoon.  Some favor the path of “no change” at the moment – it’s called “easy compromise.”  Intention is determined by a reason – motivation.  Many are coming to grips with previous choices.  For today look at the windows in your room right now – are they on the inside or the outside of the wallPerspective.  Water is the most powerful force on Earth – it can travel into places unseen – wearing down any surface given enough time.  To a man in the desert – it has to power to give life.  To a man in the ocean – water has the power to destroy.  Stop trying to “push” the riverPerspective. Shhh – – Listen.  Be yourself – you are so much more than you can possibly imagine.  All is well!  ❤

Credit: NASA

Step 169: And the Shero said, “how far you wanna’ go?”

“Insuperable – (adjective) – incapable of being surmounted, overcome, passed over or solved.”
Deep-deep-deep below the surface – there is a long-slow-motion-shift occurring.  A situation is still developingSmall steps – “my” human side is the one making the journey.  Be respectful if/when sadness or grieving occurs.  It requires confidence – self-love – and strength to make difficult choices. No matter what is changing – let go of “how it should be.”  For todaytake a deep breath and exhale slowly – tomorrow it will be/look/feel different. Check motives to determine Self’s true intent. Acknowledge any discord and honor it – then go deep and direct to the root cause Humans make up a false-self when they are haven’t remembered true-selfso they can fit in and be loved.  Everyone wants to be accepted.  We all love-laugh-cry-eat in the same language, folks.  Everything we feel is natural.  Keep a sense of humor.  Be kind.  Show others the same respect/compassion/empathy you’d like to receive.  Be true to Self and above all – be your own Shero.  Life is a living paradox.  You’re further along than you realize!  Trust yourself.  Be your own friend.
1) Am I doing the right thing for the right reason?
2) Am I doing the right thing for the wrong reason?
3) Am I doing the wrong thing for the right reason?
4) Am I doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason?
5) Is this really just a YES or NO question?
All is well! ❤