Step 108: Investment = Yield

“You are born alone. You die alone. The value of the space in between is trust and love.”  ~ Louise Bourgeois


If something does not serve a purpose that you value – it will not yield pleasure you desire.   Humans always want something to make them happy.  The question isn’t “what can I do to make myself happy?”  Re-frame the question – “where can I invest myself  that will yield the greatest results for myself AND others?”
Pleasure is an investment.  How many times have you been disappointed by the “real experience” of something because the anticipation was so great – so inflated – and you invested so much?  (think Christmas?Why the disappointment Because the investment was great and the reward was so small. What pleasure is worth the time – effort – energy – money these days?
One cannot calculate the cost of pursuing pleasure at the beginning – because when pursuit robs you of self-awareness of yourself – interaction with life – and appreciation of your own existence – the High Price goes unnoticed.  People pay because they are depressed – angry – lack value and meaning in their lives.  Why do people keep paying the price?   Find VALUE and we find meaning.  All is well! ❤
Credit: Truth Beckons

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