Step 111: Rite of Passage

“You are now seen.  You have exposed yourself.  And you cannot hide who you truly are.” Lao-Tzu


Be still to receive.  It’s called a “Rite of Passageand the winds of change are blowing strong.  Today is a good day to find a seat – have a little snack – and clear the mental/emotional/spiritual cobwebs before proceeding.  Expect the unexpected and above all – remember – suffering is an addictionLife is asking for something that’s no longer needed – to be eliminated.  If we are able to interpret it correctly – which we can do if our desire for Truth is strong – and – if we are willing to review/reevaluate anything that is necessary (even if it is painful)The pain of re-evaluation is not nearly as great as the pain of avoidance.  When we invest a great deal in something that yields us  little – we suffer.  The Mind is beginning to “dry out” from its addiction to suffering.  Take nothing personal.  Observe through the eyes of love – kindness – compassion.  Repeat – “this has nothing to do with ME.”  All is well!   ❤


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