Step 223: Use the whole Box of Crayons!

“Subitize – (verb/used with object) – to make an immediate and accurate reckoning of the number of items in a group or sample without needing to pause and actually count them.” 

Remove illusions.  Play with potential.  Experiment with possibility.  Passion motivates Human.  Passion is priceless – it is golden. It provides a sense of purpose. Purpose is experienced through context and contrastFor today – Notice what makes you feel alive.  Be a good noticer.  Revelation is approaching.  Harvest is just around the corner.  Question are you being still when you should be moving – or – moving when stillness is required?  Do not allow others to push/rush.  Some need closure.  Some need another chance.  Some need a new beginning.  What exactly do “I” need?  Expect twists and turns – that’s part of life.  Keep a sense of humor.  Laughter heals.  Smiling and yawning are contagious.  Keep it real.  Notice what is NOT today – what is UNSPOKENIt will pay off tomorrowSomething CLICKS.  You are loved more than you know!  Promise!  All is well! ❤ ❤ ❤

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