Step 237: Open the Gate

“When the winds of change blow – some people build walls – others build windmills.”  ~Chinese Proverb

Not all storms that appear in our lives come to disrupt – some come to clear a path.  As the old saying goes – this is your life – this is NOT a dress rehearsal. For today – here comes comprehension and understanding.  Retrospection.  See the “meaning and purpose” of the past – look at the steps that brought me to “Right Now.”  The Inner Knowing is called “lightning in my Heart.”  We can SEE the pattern replaying on an endless loop.  YESit’s safe to turn it off now.  It’s no longer needed.  Expect sudden developments – key understanding to “why I did what I did.”  Relationships offer unexpected surprises – all of a sudden and out of the blueStep-by-step effort is needed to build a new foundation of growth and opportunityMomentum is gaining and opportunity risesUnusual.  UnconventionalRagged Rebels Welcome.  The world desperately needs your unique quirkiness.  Be open.  Listen.  Sift through the Silence.  Integrate Masculine AND Feminine.  Balance from ALL sides.  Smiles come in ALL SIZES.  All is well!

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