Step 285: Sunday Blessings – Mind the Gap

“I invoke the Blessed We-Are to lead – guide – direct my thoughts, deeds, words and actions for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

Do you remember where you were – or – what you were doing on October 13, 2000?  The Genius Creator Intelligence NEVER forgets one thought – deed – word – action.  History doesn’t repeat itself exactly – but it does rhyme.  The same choice keeps coming around – again and again – so that Human can learn discernmentKNOW THYSELFFor today – Believe it or not – if you’re alive on October 13, 2038 – you will – once again – make the same choice being  made today.  By then – the Outrage-Culture we live in now will be Social TabooWhat in your life – that was Socially Acceptable in 2000 – is now considered TabooToxicity!  Something DEEP INSIDE is stirring and rumblingSit Still – ShhhhCan you hear it?  A “Beginner’s Mind” requires openness – eagerness and lack of preconceived notions about the subject of inquiryJust witness thoughts – emotions – anger – frustration – joy – happiness.  It’s time to reclaim any disassociated parts-pieces to make “my Whole-Self.”  If help is needed or desired – seek it out – with a Beginner’s Mind – “I don’t know what I don’t know.” All that’s happening is we are each coming into Greater Alignment with something few understand – the majority will ignore – and no one really wants to deal with.  Unfortunately – this won’t go away on its own.  Momentum starts building as we head toward the Holidays.  Be aware.  Be kind.  Be yourself.  Have compassion.  Everything is subject to personal interpretation!  That’s where we go “off-the-rails.”  Give yourself a respite today and observe/witness what you see “out-there.”  The greatest problem we have with the Discomforting-Other is their audacity to act as if they have the right to be themselves.  Those uncomfortable followed the rules and expect to rewarded based on their compliance.  That’s not how it works nowBe your own GuruRising Up!  Mind the Gap between 2000 – 2019 – 2038.  There is so much more than meets the eye going on here.  DiscernmentYou’ve got this!  Promise!  All is well!    ❤

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