2021 – Step 1: Goals and Decisions

Credit: Austin Kleon

“Don’t be afraid of losing all the lies that need to be lost. Be more afraid of not finding the naked truth that, in the depths of you, screams to be found. You can’t lose what you no longer are. And what is really yours will never leave you.  Andrea Balt

Congratulations – Full Circle. Do you remember New Year’s Day 1991? What’s the difference between “what I am” today versus “who I was” in 1991?

Waking down.

Where am I?  What am I learning?  Where is all this goingGoals are based on desires. Decisions are based on “who I am.

If you could write a letter to your January 1, 2020 Self – what would you tell yourself about what 2020 is really going to be about Perspective.

Hello 2020-Won!  It’s a ‘blessing in disguise.‘ It will take a few months to understand and receive the ‘blessing.’ Some – maybe longer. Think “Wild Mercy.

Shared Milestone – a brand new year – a blank slate – 12 new chapters to write.  The burning question is “WHAT do I want to BE this year? “

Few things reveal a person’s identity like the tip they leave on a table.

1)If you leave a specific percentage – you are disciplined.
2) If your tip is determined by the quality of the service – you are a judge.
3) If you tip lavishly even when the service is bad – you are an encourager for others.

Regardless of which of these people “I” have been in the past – “I” am only ONE decision away from being a different person in the future.

Let’s try something different this year – let’s skip the resolutions – let’s skip the goals – and stick with “being my real Self.”   We spent all of 2020 preparing for this year. You are loved more than you will ever know and 2021 is a “DIY” kind of year.  Please TRUST yourself.  You are more than enough. All is well!

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