About Being My Own Self

Welcome to my Sanctuary!

My grandma used to say, “life ain’t for the faint of heart.”  My grandfather used to say, “when God hands you sh*t – make fertilizer.”

Being My Own Self” is a daily “love letter” to myself and my grandchildren.  They call me “Mimi!”  I was a caregiver for my mother who had Alzheimer’s.    We knew and understood what was happening – so we agreed that there would only be TRUTH between us as we began that journey.  It lasted 7 years.  My mother was complex and our relationship complicated.  I never once doubted she loved me.  We knew what lay ahead.  One of the hospice companies I interviewed early on told me – “your mother will die once – but you will die a thousand deaths.”  I had NO idea – that I had just heard “THE” truth.   Time heals – if we allow it.

Life shows up for us everyday and I do my best to show up for it – good, bad, beautiful and ugly.  What got me through those years was reading and studying astrology – philosophy – religion – meditation and quantum physics.    The daily ‘steps‘ are a mix of all these subjects and what I learned so I could cope and manage myself.  I discovered they ALL overlap – they are similar.  Working in marketing/advertising taught me about buying patterns and cycles.  Everything-everything-everything runs on a cycle!

My original intent was to commit to this for one year – 365 steps.  It’s theraputic – good for the Soul.

Here’s what I learned:

You are so much stronger than you believe – we each have a deep Inner Well to pull from when we need it – no one taught us about it.

You don’t need an expert to tell you ‘how‘ to think.  Trust yourself!

If you need Medicine Assistance (paying for medicine) – here are 2 websites that may help: Medical Assistance Tool and Needy Meds – (non-profits)!

Bodies are born – we are not.  Bodies die -we do not.

The Super-Un-Natural exists -it defies ALL logic – it’s called the ‘in-between-room.’

There is a plan for the Soul’s Journeythere is meaning and purpose to every moment here on Earth.

Nothing is truly lost – nothing is ever wasted.

An astrology chart is a Map – the Soul leaves for us to guide us.

Mercury retrogrades suck for people with Alzheimer’s – there’s always a mental decline.  It happens 3x a year.

CBD Oil – It worked wonders for us – do your research and talk to a medical professional/homoepathic/Doctor of Natural Medicine.

Blood is NOT thicker than water.  Your real Family are the ones who love you and accept you at your worst.  It’s easy to love someone at their best.

There are GOOD-KIND people everywhere.

We all laugh – cry – eat – and poop in the same language.

Humans have the right to die on their own terms – the sick-care-system or the government can NOT decide for a person.

Look deep into old people’s eyesthey had a first kiss, lost their virginity, got their driver’s license and tasted freedom – just like you!

I know why old people are grumpy.

Meditation – when the “mind” won’t settle down – go run as hard as you can – for as long as you can – then sit/lay down – you’ll be able to meditate.

Give more hugs to those you love and don’t be shy about saying “I love you!”

No one is responsible for how another person feels.

Don’t let anyone make you feel less than.

How a person treats me has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with me – it’s their stuff – I can walk away.

Go outside and look up at the stars every night – it will remind you of how small you really are.

Don’t be shy about asking for help.

Don’t be afraid to BE AFRAID – it’s perfectly normal to be scared.

Your natural instincts are always there – we’ve forgotten we have them.

Keep telling yourself “I’m OK” as many times as you need to – eventually you’ll be OK.  Repeat it until you feel OK.

Crying is healthyTears are Holy Water!

Karma is NOT a “cosmic debt” – it’s about experiencing life from all sides – what we judge in others we WILL experience too!

Unforgiveness is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die – it ain’t happening!

Resentment is nothing more than ANGER at having to please othersGrrrrrr..…..

It’s OK to lie to an Alzheimer’s patient – when they’ve forgotten their parents/loved one have died.  It’s cruel to make them grieve over and over.

Remember – people with Alzheimer’s forget – you won’t.

Ask for unconditional love and compassion from your Deity – it’s free – just like oxygen.

There are Angels who walk on Earth.

If you know a Caregiver of a chronic or life-threatening disease – get them a gift card from a restaurant or take them a casserole.  The caregiver is exhausted and NOT having to prepare food is a treat.  Eating out gets expensive.

Stop worrying about what other people think – the majority are thinking the same thing too!  Everybody worries too much about that.

We are each a Soul encased in a body – connected by Spirit – carried by our Oversoul – yes – there are invisible helpers!  Ask!

People act like their body will never die.  Plan for it NOW – while you can.  Let others know what you want.  If you ignore it – it doesn’t go away.

Figure out who you want to be holding your hand when your body dies.

Life goes on.

You are LOVED!