“I am what anyone can hear but no one can say.”  ~The Thunder, Perfect Mind 4:23

Thank you for visiting “Being My Own Self.”  My name is Robin Woodward and I am an Astrologer. Are you living deliberately? Are you a Conscious Creator? There are almost 8 billion people on Earth – and each one is unique. An astrological chart is a Map – of events – relationships and situations to be experienced during the Trip of a Lifetime. Each of us has ‘free will‘ and make our own choices to experience them or not.

Why consult an Astrologer?

Whether you need clarification about future direction – or – a great change snuck up on you – Astrology is a ‘tool.’ Limitation and challenge are actually gifts – but it rarely feels that way when we’re going through change. When we understand our weaknesses we open the door to our strengths.

I approach astrology holistically – that means I see you as a whole Being – with a Soul. Life is cumulative and we’re constantly adding new experiences. We are habitually human too – and often keep repeating the same thing over and over. Why do we do that?

I have a unique approach and am a Storyteller – a Tour Guide through the Zodiac. I provide what I always wanted an astrologer to give to me. I started my love affair with astrology in 1989 – it started out as a hobby and it saved my life – by providing me knowledge and understanding about the purpose of events I was experiencing – how to move through them and what to expect afterwards. I’ve been doing paid consultations since 2010. The most important thing is to manage expectations.

Prices vary depending on what you want and/or need and here are the favorites.

Monthly consultations via email are $50.00 USD/month.

Phone consultations are $75.00 USD/hour.

Full astrological consultations are $200.00 USD (best for once or twice a year check in).

Life is NOT one-size-fits-all. For inquiries please fill out the contact form below and we can figure out what is needed. Students be sure to ask about “Student Discounts.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to hear from you soon! If you don’t ask you’ll never know! Always be curious! You are loved more than you will ever know! ❤