Step 180: Sunday Blessings – Hallelujah

"Jubilate - (verb - used without object) - to celebrate a joyful occasion."   All is well! ❤    

Step 178: One-Sided-Coin

"Volition - (noun) - the power of choosing or determining; an act of making a choice or decision." Nothing exists outside the Universe.  It's a "one-sided-coin"  Surprise - We're all stuck inside it together.  We need a frame of reference and context to create new rules of observation.  Point of view.  There are many views … Continue reading Step 178: One-Sided-Coin

Step 177: Becoming

"The Universe is under no obligation to explain to you what's going on."  ~Neil deGrasse Tyson Happiness is an illusion - fleeting - at best.  Focusing on this moment and the next moment allows the Mind to become more attentive - focused - expanding into awareness.  It's call Happeness - the ability to see - … Continue reading Step 177: Becoming

Step 169: And the Shero said, “how far you wanna’ go?”

"Insuperable - (adjective) - incapable of being surmounted, overcome, passed over or solved." Deep-deep-deep below the surface - there is a long-slow-motion-shift occurring.  A situation is still developing.  Small steps - "my" human side is the one making the journey.  Be respectful if/when sadness or grieving occurs.  It requires confidence - self-love - and strength … Continue reading Step 169: And the Shero said, “how far you wanna’ go?”

Step 151: Chapter 6 – Future Forward

"Tergiversate - (verb/intransitive) To equivocate, to be ambivalent or indecisive. 2. To reverse position, to apostatize, to go over to the other side Twelve chapters - 365 pages.  June - Chapter 6!  It always takes longer to plan than to act.  It takes EXTREME patience/time to grow and develop Inner Knowing/Intuition.  Humans love "quick-fast-and-in-a-hurry-quick-fix-please" - … Continue reading Step 151: Chapter 6 – Future Forward