Step 131: Focus-Forward

“Incipient – (adj.) – beginning to come into being or to become apparent.” 
It should be obvious now.  Breaking with tradition – that is no longer acceptable.  It’s time.  It’s extraordinary.  Much preparation has gone into the Unfolding that’s about to be presented to us individually – collectively in the coming week.  What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?  Seeds were planted November 7, 2018.  They come to fruition this week when the “Force” and the “Object” come face-to-face.  For today – patience please.  Focus on what IS working – not on what IS NOT working. Ask Self, “if all bets are off – what would I – could I create from my wildest dreams?”  Be practical – be kind – be compassion and remember to speak with your Soul – what does it want?  One more thing – if you don’t feel like you don’t “fit in,” pat yourself on the back – you don’t and you’re not supposed to!  All is well!   ❤

Step 123: Context – Nature – Substance

“Showing that they don’t care about me, or caring that I should know they don’t care about me, still denotes dependence. They show me respect precisely by showing me that they don’t respect me.” ~Soren Kierkegaan
August 2017Do you remember your priority-dream-goal-vision?  How has the focus changed – and – what is the current priority-dream-goal-visionIt’s called “re-organizing perception.”  Love is a word – until you give it meaning.  Hate is a word – until you give it meaning.  Miracle is a word – until you give it meaning.  Would you allow someone to look out for your best interests when they’ve already proven they only look out for themselves?  Love – Hate – Miracle.  Karma is NOT a “Cosmic Debt.”  It’s the ability to experience Life from ALL SIDES! Words have power.  Be AWARE!  All is well! ❤

Step 64: Welcome the Mystery

“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.”  ~Wayne Huizenga
The throat is the bridge between the Mind and the HeartDoes the Heart tell the Mind what to say – OR – does the Mind tell the Heart what to think?  Unorthodox.  Blind spots and weak links – awareness. Opinion OR truth?  Now I seeFor today – imagine that I don’t know the outcome, I will NEVER know the outcome and Life is meant to be lived right here and right now.  There is no other moment than this one.  Let the Mystery unfold.  We made it through the awkward part safely!  Expect inspiration.  Plant seeds.  All is well!   ❤

Step 46: Alignment – Creative Genius

Credit: Unknown

“Today you are you.  That is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is youer than YOU!”  ~Dr. Seuss

Rite of PassageNature continually promotes equilibrium by relieving excess.  We don’t KNOW what we’ve got until it’s gone. We don’t KNOW what we don’t KNOW. Chaos precedes birth.  Without Chaos there would be no tension.  Without tension there can be no movement.  Without movement there can be no CHANGE.  Now – where did I leave my “sense of humor?”  BE PRACTICAL.
Fearless Acceptance.  For today – Honor the Sacred-Self – the Inner Self – the Wise Self – the Soul.  Residing within the Heart of every human is a tiny God-Spark that connects us to ALL the Universes.  Yep – we are each part of something bigger than small-self.  It’s called “Spiritual Family.”  For today – expect to feel a longing or yearning for HOME.  Hmmm – where is HOME?  Just FEEL it – there’s no rush, no hurry, no worry.  JUST FEEL it for the next 5 days.  Something old looks new.  Keep the faith and TRUST yourself when it comes time to make the LEAPTrust yourself above ALL others.  All is well.  ❤

Step 29: Resolution

Credit – Unknown

“Release what was.  Accept what is.  Create what must be.”  ~Rebelle Society

Are you being still when you should be moving – or – moving when stillness is requiredThe pieces start to fall into place.  Understanding arrives.  Wisdom gained.  The MIND is drying out from its addiction to suffering.  Humans suffer needlessly.  Inconvenient and uncomfortable truth – with a capital “T.”  Chance favors The Maverick Way.  Be yourself.  Get rest.  All is well!<3

Step 10: Shhhhh – listen……

Credit: Rebel Thriver

Stand still – allow the Truth to speak for Itself.  Stop projecting expectations onto others.  See what is.  For the next 3 days – no matter what happens – we are each being tasked with the opportunity to give up/let go of an ancestral belief, pattern or way of perceiving.  The only person who can ever disappoint “me” is me.  Stop beating yourself up!  It’s a waste of precious energy.  😉

Hint – we made the same choice January 10, 2018.
“You have the ability to express hard-to-accept truths in a way that softens them.  You do not want to be contentious, or to fight, but you will not give up your position when you think you are right.  Your intense adherence to your own ideas will draw to you tests through which you can learn what you need to change or modify (activities, by the way, which don’t come easily for you) and if you give in to what these tests are trying to teach you and allow the necessary inner transformations to occur, your connection to spirit will be strengthened.
~Chandra Symbol (John Sandbach)
All is well! ❤

Step 9: Breakthrough Moment

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.”  ~Helen Keller

Think back to November 15-20, 2018 + Christmas Day 2018.  Actions taken.  Words spoken.  Boundaries re-drawn.  Conflict ALWAYS leads to clarity.  Intuition never reveals something already known.  That’s a waste of energy.  It takes time for the “MIND” to catch-up to what’s really going on.  It’s time for a new adventure!   All is well<3