Step 103- Contemplation

"You are now seen.  You have exposed yourself and you cannot hide who you truly are."  ~I-Ching #20   Reality is setting in.  You are the Observer now - you cannot be covert.  You are fully seen for the truth of what and who you are.  Be humble.  Why do we "stray from the truth?"  … Continue reading Step 103- Contemplation

Step 95: Choose Your Destiny

Disassociation - (n) the disconnection or separation of something from something else or the state of being disconnected.   It’s funny how you end up living a life opposite from the the one you always dreamed of. The gift of Truth arrives - just in the nick of time.  We believe we WANT to KNOW … Continue reading Step 95: Choose Your Destiny

Step 38: Setting The Stage

"Release what was.  Accept what is.  Create what must be."  ~Rebelle Society Reason is the "cause" and Purpose is the "effect." Being Present is the first step to being Real. Being Present requires being "still." It's not about being positive or negative.  It is simply a matter of "Being IN the Present - in this … Continue reading Step 38: Setting The Stage