Step 167: Ripple Effect

Hidden Treasure. We are each rich in knowledge and Spirit as a result of seeking Inner Truth.  The Truth attained – is now part of “me.”  Once something is “known” it cannot be unknown.  When a human takes responsibility for Self it becomes necessary to call back the projections of power – which have been given away to others. Reinvest into Self what was given away. The degree of power a human experiences is in direct proportion to self-worth.  By owning “my part” in any situation – the more empowered “I” become.  Opposition and challenge no longer have the power to stop “me” in my tracks.  Opposition is easier to overcome and we stop blaming others for “me” giving “my” power away For today – Start calling back to Self all that we have projected onto others – into relationships and the world around us.  Choices made today have consequences in January 2020Beliefs are thoughts.  Every thought is being redefined based on reclaiming Knowledge (Inner Truth) and Power (self-responsibility).  Take baby steps.  It takes courage to change Self.  Trust yourself – keep going.  Pay it back.  Pay it forward. Determination – Perseverance – Tenacity. Trust – but verify.  All is well!   ❤  Click here for more information about “projections.

“Circumspect – (Adj.) careful to consider all circumstances and possible consequences.”

Every beginning starts with an ending. The pendulum swings from “me” to “we” continuously – – back and forth – every 80 years.  Connect Dots.  We’ve gone from “fighting for common good” to “fighting each other.”  We exist in two worlds. The world we see – AND  – the world we don’t see. Is it possible to see how the Mind unconsciously manipulates “my” thinking process?  Look to where ego has taken control – aka – dogma – beliefs – behaviors (in relationships/ business/questing). Ego says, “he/she/they should do this or that – act a certain way.”  ReallySays “who?”  This week – Welcome disclosure and transparency as it reveals “blind spots” – – be honest with Self.  We are ALL ignorant about our blind spots.  Integrity is currencyJustice arrives when it’s Time.  Think back to 1989 (current frame of reference) – – yes – – walls will fallAnd the pendulum swings.  Whatever the BIG problem (out-there) you are focused on – remember – we all caused it and keep perpetuating it.  No one person created it – but – Together – we will correct it.  “Karma is NOT a Cosmic Debt” – – it’s experiencing something the Soul desires from ALL sides.  Have faith and get ready to take a “flying Leap” later this week.  We’re ready!  Be yourself – you’re more than enough.  You’ve got this!  Keep a sense of humor especially if you’ve asked/hoped/wished/prayed for hasn’t arrived – just yet!  Up to now – perhaps “I’ve” been protected when “I thought I was being denied.”  HmmmWhat does MY SOUL want to experience today?  All is well!    ❤