Step 173: Sunday Blessings – Finding Clarity

“He who wants to do good knocks at the gate; he who loves finds the gate open.”  ~Stardrops

Cue the “Twilight-Zone” music.  We’re all in “it” together.  Control is an illusion.  Revealing the concealed.  The rusty ‘cog‘ in the wheel is FINALLY starting to move. We have to be honest with Self before we can be honest with another.  What we “think” we “know is really only a small piece of the puzzle. No one can see their own “blind spots.”  When the time is right – it is revealed. It’s called “hind-sight.”  By recalling the abuse and all that has been misunderstood (without judgement) – The Unraveling can begin.  It’s time!  Good news for those who feel as if they’ve lost or missed out – in the pre-birth-planning-phase – the Soul plans for contingencies.  While the Soul has its agendawe get to decide our mode of transportation – travel mates and the pace we will travel through time and space as an Earthwalker. Believe it or not – “you are the one you’ve been waiting for!”  Find 5 things to be grateful for – keep your sense of humor – if you’re “left-brained” use your “right-brain” and vice versa.  Keep going – take breaks when needed.  Pace yourself.  Inhale deeply – that’s Liberation you smell!  All is well!  ❤

And in the – “well – that’s interesting department” – here’s an update US Senate members received about UFO’s! 



Step 170: Pause and Effect

“Insipience – (noun) – lack of wisdom; foolishness.”

Spirituality is about to go Mainstream and America WILL grow up.  Without “contrast” the Soul could not evolve.  Expect InspirationClear the Mind and observe – while letting go of any AND all preconceived outcomes.  Turn it over to Spirit – because we really don’t understand or know – just yetSoon.  Some favor the path of “no change” at the moment – it’s called “easy compromise.”  Intention is determined by a reason – motivation.  Many are coming to grips with previous choices.  For today look at the windows in your room right now – are they on the inside or the outside of the wallPerspective.  Water is the most powerful force on Earth – it can travel into places unseen – wearing down any surface given enough time.  To a man in the desert – it has to power to give life.  To a man in the ocean – water has the power to destroy.  Stop trying to “push” the riverPerspective. Shhh – – Listen.  Be yourself – you are so much more than you can possibly imagine.  All is well!  ❤

Credit: NASA

Step 168: And the Shero said – – ‘how much you wanna’ risk?’

Think back to July 2018.  What was the “focus?”  The Heart has a higher form of Knowing than the Mind.  It rarely makes sense – rarely is it logical.  Deep inside it just feels “right.”  Trust that Knowing.  We’re in Transition.  July 2018 is connected to January 2020 CulminationWhat if you were to discover that before you were born – every experience of “my life” was planned out in advance – by a Mysterious Genius Intelligence that “my” Mind cannot fathom nor comprehendSouls-seek balance – living life from all sidesDeep seeded illusions keep us hanging on to the pastFor today – it’s important to remember that the Soul will use crisis and challenge to create the need to “choose.”  What “either/or” situation are you choosing?  If “I” change my story“I” change my life!  Remember that today!  What is motivating the choiceBe your own Shero – trust yourselfAll is well!  ❤

Let’s celebrate a SheroDr. Sally K. Ride – who one this day in 1983 – became the first American woman in space.  I can’t wait for the day when we can lose the labels!   

Step 167: Ripple Effect

Hidden Treasure. We are each rich in knowledge and Spirit as a result of seeking Inner Truth.  The Truth attained – is now part of “me.”  Once something is “known” it cannot be unknown.  When a human takes responsibility for Self it becomes necessary to call back the projections of power – which have been given away to others. Reinvest into Self what was given away. The degree of power a human experiences is in direct proportion to self-worth.  By owning “my part” in any situation – the more empowered “I” become.  Opposition and challenge no longer have the power to stop “me” in my tracks.  Opposition is easier to overcome and we stop blaming others for “me” giving “my” power away For today – Start calling back to Self all that we have projected onto others – into relationships and the world around us.  Choices made today have consequences in January 2020Beliefs are thoughts.  Every thought is being redefined based on reclaiming Knowledge (Inner Truth) and Power (self-responsibility).  Take baby steps.  It takes courage to change Self.  Trust yourself – keep going.  Pay it back.  Pay it forward. Determination – Perseverance – Tenacity. Trust – but verify.  All is well!   ❤  Click here for more information about “projections.

Step 165: Turning Point

“Recidivism – (noun) – a tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior.”

Memory creates Time.  To get to the next level – we have to leave this level.  It’s time to say good-bye to an outdated “point of view.”  Our brains are hard-wired to make mistakes.  Time to begin a new Cycle.  There are 180+ cognitive biases that mess with how we process data – think critically – and perceive reality. Our thinking is warpedCheck out the list below to see if any applyAdjust as desired.  Awareness is a personal choice.  All is well!

Credit: Visualist Capitalist

Step 164: The Mirrorverse

Some will call it Justice – some will call it chaosChaos is evidence of change.  Without limitation there is no movement.  We’re due for an inconvenient truth.   BUT – – We want empirical evidence. Proof!  To get the “desired proof” answer this question – – “what have I sacrificed on the Altar of Convenience?”   For today – we are presented with the consequences of choices made around April 2, 2018Pay it forwardPerspective expands – Coming Full Circle. Stop beating your head against that brick wall.  Walk around the wall. The cycle will begin again April 2022.  Choices made now will have consequences in the future. Endurance is required.  Think before speaking.  Reset boundaries.  Check expiration dates – discard outdated stuff (beliefs, people, ideas, behavior, situations) . What we see “out there” is The Mirrorverse of what’s InsideWe are a body – encased in a Soul – connected by Spirit – carried by OverSoul –  and YES – – we are truly ALL connectedIt’s a Cosmic Joke – Expect to SEE the Silver Lining in the cloud!  Have faith!  Be your own Shero and revel in the Paradox!  All is well.




Step 160: Moving Stillness

“Moribund – (adj.) – On the brink of death in every sense of the word, in the process of dying out.”

Context is everything!  We often think of evolution as happening gradually.  Not so.  It comes in leaps Relevance means “does this matter to me – or – do I really care?”  Credibility means – “do I believe it?”  Stillness does NOT mean to stop.  It’s hard to change long-time habits – but the more we’re willing to try – the more we can make up for lost time.  How uncomfortable are you willing to getDetox.  De-clutter.  For today – we each are given an opportunity to let go – move on – and forgive (unforgiveness is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die)Expect to learn something of great value today.  Yes – you are seeing accurately.  Nature’s gift will be found “blowing in the wind” today!  LISTEN!  All is well!  ❤

Credit: Alana Fairchild