Step 277: Magnetic Attraction

"Herself - (noun) - human body encased in sparkly-star-shaped energy; aka Soul." Creativity and Conflict.  Two together create One.  Boundaries - Reflection - Retrospection.  "If you could see it through my eyes - it would be so easy."  Ever wish/wonder what would happen if someone could see it differently?  The question today is "how often …

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Step 242: Between Space and Structure

"Feathers fall from the sky unexpectedly but not without purpose."  ~Luca Danni Find True North.  Hold on to it too.  Given time and space the Heart will find its way Home.  Naturally.  Plan - but remain flexible.  Virginal Remembrance.  Holy Tears.  Be generous with hugs - smiles - laughter.  Soul Medicine.  Completion.  What is it …

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