Step 257: Sunday Blessings – Keeping Time

"Continual (adjective) - continuing indefinitely in time without interruption; recurring in steady usual rapid succession."   Momentum.  Mixing - Matching - Aligning - Converging.  Father Time asks each of us - "are you ready to move on or shall we continue along this path?"  It's one thing to KNOW the Truth - but am "I …

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Step 226: Purpose and Promise

"Miscible - (adjective) - capable of being mixed; specifically: capable of mixing in any ration without separation of two phases." The "Sugar-High" is coming to an end. Innovation forces Evolution.  People at war with themselves - are at war other others. When Human is 100% committed to fulfilling their own desires - they are in …

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Step 183: Many Roads – One Path

"Sedulous - (adjective) - involving or accomplished with careful perseverance; diligent in application or pursuit."  Fate and destiny call out to each of us.  We're in 'purge and clear' mode - time to clean out the refrigerator (again).  Check expiration dates on relationships, habits, thoughts and beliefs.  July brings the 'cut-off-point.'  The answer has been …

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