Step 130: Sleeping Mirror Wakes Up

Perspicacity – (N) – keenness of mental perception and understanding; discernment, penetration.

Humans believe TIME is linear.  Time – like the seasons of Earth – is Circular.  Can you “feel” what you KNOW?  The Heart directs us – if we listen.  This is a “dot-connecting-day.”  We always KNOW the outcome of a relationship – when we CHOOSE to listen.  ​Are you “choosing” or “chosen?”  What does the Soul desire?  It sent the message December 30, 2018.  It was revealed in “black and white.”  The outer is now stripped away – so that something deeper is revealed – the Sleeping Mirror – – – from choices made around February 23rd. (Forbidden Fruit – TabooChanging VALUES!  Choices made today attract and manifest July 21st.  Have faith – in the end – all things become Known.  Truth evolves us!  All is well!   ❤
Credit: Daisybug

Step 84: Waiting……..

Credit: Truth Beckons

“There are no perfect people in this world, only perfect intentions.”  ~Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves

Old and new.  Passion and duty.  Creative and rationalWhat has been and what needs to be.  Conflict serves a purpose.  Sometimes the sacrifice ​is not one OR the other –  but rather – it’s the idea that it can only be one OR the other.  Resolution resides between polarity and conflict.  When the Heart is open – building a Bridge is possible.  Ride the Wave All is well!  ❤

Step 63: The Death of Fake Truth

Credit: Joel McPhee

“The world is full of lonely people afraid to make the first move.”  ~Green Book – Movie

Unspoken.  Body Language.  Observe.  Rewind.  Review.  Rethink.  Water is the most powerful force on Earth.  It can smooth sharp edges and flows through and around anything that tries to stand in its way.  Without tension there will be no movement. Don’t want to NOT GO.  Cosmic Wake-Up Call – the Collective Unconscious is awakening.  Truth or Lies?  What do you believe?  What’s real?  Avoid hyperbole.  Learn from the past – integrate hard-earned-wisdom.  Take a deep breath – exhale slowly – Delete the past.  We begin again.  All is well.  ❤

Step 55: Understanding (Trust but Verify)

“This is what it feels like to be brilliantly achingly alive. Alive in the shatter. Alive in the empty. This is what it is to belong to things we cannot possibly understand. This is what it is to trust in the terrifying wisdom of our own becoming.”  ~Jeanette LeBlanc

We choose what we see by what we look for.  Just because we don’t “know” an answer doesn’t mean there isn’t one.  Timing is everything over the next few days.  Slow down.  Being humble is not humiliating.  Modesty matures us.  Expect transparency in the coming days.  An adjustment may be required.  No matter what – the most important thing is to SEE – HEAR – WITNESS the Soul’s TruthAs an FYI – sometimes broken hearts DO NOT want to be healed.  Steady now.  Patience.  Trust Yourself above all others.  Here comes the Blessing!  All is well.  ❤

Step 35: Turn off the “projector!”

May the Force Be With You! Credit: Backyard Theater

“Unforgiveness is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die – it ain’t gonna’ happen.”  ~My Grandma


Expect to be “SURPRISED” today.  What is your first reaction to that statement?

A) Oh yay ME! 

B) Oh Lord, what now? 

C) Hmmm, I wonder what that’s about? 

No matter the reaction it is a reaction of the Mind’s Movie Projector.  We unconsciously “PROJECT” an outcome based on a desire/expectation/hope.

A question, even of the simplest kind, is not, and never can be unbiased. The structure of any question is as devoid of neutrality as its content. The form of a question may ease our way or pose obstacles. Or, when even slightly altered, it may generate antithetical answers, as in the case of the two priests who, being unsure if it was permissible to smoke and pray at the same time, wrote to the Pope for a definitive answer. One priest asked, “Is it permissible to smoke while praying?” and was told it is not, since prayer should be the focus of one’s whole attention. The other priest asked if it is permissible to pray while smoking and was told that it is, since it is always permissible to pray.”
– Dr. Neil Postman, New York University


No one can measure what has NOT happened.  When asking someone about something that exists ONLY in their imagination, they will give an imaginary answer.   Humans are NOT able to measure what “would” of “would not” happen – We are able to measure what “DID” or “DID NOT” happen.  Unconscious thoughts are the best indicators of what a Human “WILL DO.”  In a moment of TRUTHthe Heart will be the deciding factor.  For today – pay attention to reactions/feelings when surprised.  It will reveal the MOVIE playing out in the Ego’s Mind.  If your life were a movie title, what would it be?  How about “The Road to Shameless.”  All is well! ❤