Step 160: Moving Stillness

“Moribund – (adj.) – On the brink of death in every sense of the word, in the process of dying out.”

Context is everything!  We often think of evolution as happening gradually.  Not so.  It comes in leaps Relevance means “does this matter to me – or – do I really care?”  Credibility means – “do I believe it?”  Stillness does NOT mean to stop.  It’s hard to change long-time habits – but the more we’re willing to try – the more we can make up for lost time.  How uncomfortable are you willing to getDetox.  De-clutter.  For today – we each are given an opportunity to let go – move on – and forgive (unforgiveness is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die)Expect to learn something of great value today.  Yes – you are seeing accurately.  Nature’s gift will be found “blowing in the wind” today!  LISTEN!  All is well!  ❤

Credit: Alana Fairchild

Step 142: Reverse Engineering Middle Age

“Real isn’t how you are made – It’s a thing that happens to you.”  ~Margery Williams (The Velveteen Rabbit)

Power is acting for goodand knowing when you should.  Be inspired when taking action – no one is under any obligation. Thoughts and ideas are manifesting.  Make no assumptions.  It’s so easy to “get ahead of myself.”  Trust – but verify.  Do “due diligence” for yourself.  Re-Search.  A Spiritual Practice undertaken to “make me happy” will probably leave “mefeeling lack – when expecting abundance – and nope – it’s probably not going to allow me to “get by” so I can “bypass” or transcend one damn thing.  Spiritual Practice connects me with the deeper current of my life—a current that is moving, that has direction and that has somewhere to go. The timing is right for change today!  Let’s roll!  All is well!


Credit: Jeff Brown