Step 166: Happen-ness

“Remember – there’s no one in the kitchen but you.”  ~Julia Child

Hearts are being searched all over the the worldTruth – Meaning – Purpose.  Govern your own light and where you shine it.  Rein in self-importance. This ball was set in motion in 2009.   ContextThere is a reason for everything.  Listen to the body – it never lies – it’s a barometer – providing constant feedback.  Something inside is unsettled.  Happen-ness = Recognizing the Soul design DEEP beneath the chaos.  Many are understanding.  Many are waking up to it.  Many feel overwhelmed – “inner stuff” is coming to the surface.  Many feel inspired.  Many feel disappointed.  Many find unexpected beauty in the awful “ugly.”  Can “I” allow what wants to be revealed –  to be revealedHow will it change the situation?  How much unconditional compassion and understanding are availableStart with Self.  For today – think about the top 3 people who “bother” you ( you know those people).  Can you send them “love” and genuinely mean it?  Just offer up a prayer – send it out and mean it.  It will do you a world of good.  It’s called “emotional healing – responsible manifesting.” Happen-ness!  Keep going.  Rest when needed.  Be grateful.  Be humble.  Be listening. Keep it real.  Take small steps.  Have faith.  In the coming weeks MUCH will be revealed.  It’s a choice to allow or NOT allow.  Be your own Shero.  You – – Have  – – So – – Got – – This!!!  All is well!  ❤



Step 163: Between Structure and Surprise!

“Scrutinize – (verb) – to examine closely and minutely.”

You know that “thing” you keep doing over and over and often wonder – “why can’t I stop myself?”  Yep – that thingWhat if you were to discover that it’s something your Soul really-really-really wants to experience from all sides?  How would you feel about/see yourself then?  On April 23rd we birthed a new 50-year Shero-CycleWe’re going to save ourselves.  Oh – and yes – men have Inner Shero’s too (if they can allow Her to rise up).  It’s tricky.  But – another Cycle is running today (initiated April 2, 2018) – as we come face-to-face with a choice between “willfulness” and “Intentional Living.”  Taking responsibility is “taking power.”  What does “radical simplicity” look like?  Recognize personal evolution is uniquethere is no rule book – how to – no list of steps.  Just live right here – right now.  For todayCommit to it/live it/own it/mean it.  Words can soothe self and others.  Consider what “I AMbuying into?  Treat everything like you were handling butterfly wingsBe gentle. Passion doesn’t always lead to failure and humiliation.  Most of what humans purchase is to remind themselves – and tell the worldwho I AM.  A surprisingly large percentage of purchases are about self-expression.  Surprise!   The Mind will always create logic to justify what the Heart has already decided.  All is well!  ❤