Step 169: And the Shero said, “how far you wanna’ go?”

“Insuperable – (adjective) – incapable of being surmounted, overcome, passed over or solved.”
Deep-deep-deep below the surface – there is a long-slow-motion-shift occurring.  A situation is still developingSmall steps – “my” human side is the one making the journey.  Be respectful if/when sadness or grieving occurs.  It requires confidence – self-love – and strength to make difficult choices. No matter what is changing – let go of “how it should be.”  For todaytake a deep breath and exhale slowly – tomorrow it will be/look/feel different. Check motives to determine Self’s true intent. Acknowledge any discord and honor it – then go deep and direct to the root cause Humans make up a false-self when they are haven’t remembered true-selfso they can fit in and be loved.  Everyone wants to be accepted.  We all love-laugh-cry-eat in the same language, folks.  Everything we feel is natural.  Keep a sense of humor.  Be kind.  Show others the same respect/compassion/empathy you’d like to receive.  Be true to Self and above all – be your own Shero.  Life is a living paradox.  You’re further along than you realize!  Trust yourself.  Be your own friend.
1) Am I doing the right thing for the right reason?
2) Am I doing the right thing for the wrong reason?
3) Am I doing the wrong thing for the right reason?
4) Am I doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason?
5) Is this really just a YES or NO question?
All is well! ❤

Step 168: And the Shero said – – ‘how much you wanna’ risk?’

Think back to July 2018.  What was the “focus?”  The Heart has a higher form of Knowing than the Mind.  It rarely makes sense – rarely is it logical.  Deep inside it just feels “right.”  Trust that Knowing.  We’re in Transition.  July 2018 is connected to January 2020 CulminationWhat if you were to discover that before you were born – every experience of “my life” was planned out in advance – by a Mysterious Genius Intelligence that “my” Mind cannot fathom nor comprehendSouls-seek balance – living life from all sidesDeep seeded illusions keep us hanging on to the pastFor today – it’s important to remember that the Soul will use crisis and challenge to create the need to “choose.”  What “either/or” situation are you choosing?  If “I” change my story“I” change my life!  Remember that today!  What is motivating the choiceBe your own Shero – trust yourselfAll is well!  ❤

Let’s celebrate a SheroDr. Sally K. Ride – who one this day in 1983 – became the first American woman in space.  I can’t wait for the day when we can lose the labels!   

Step 166: Happen-ness

“Remember – there’s no one in the kitchen but you.”  ~Julia Child

Hearts are being searched all over the the worldTruth – Meaning – Purpose.  Govern your own light and where you shine it.  Rein in self-importance. This ball was set in motion in 2009.   ContextThere is a reason for everything.  Listen to the body – it never lies – it’s a barometer – providing constant feedback.  Something inside is unsettled.  Happen-ness = Recognizing the Soul design DEEP beneath the chaos.  Many are understanding.  Many are waking up to it.  Many feel overwhelmed – “inner stuff” is coming to the surface.  Many feel inspired.  Many feel disappointed.  Many find unexpected beauty in the awful “ugly.”  Can “I” allow what wants to be revealed –  to be revealedHow will it change the situation?  How much unconditional compassion and understanding are availableStart with Self.  For today – think about the top 3 people who “bother” you ( you know those people).  Can you send them “love” and genuinely mean it?  Just offer up a prayer – send it out and mean it.  It will do you a world of good.  It’s called “emotional healing – responsible manifesting.” Happen-ness!  Keep going.  Rest when needed.  Be grateful.  Be humble.  Be listening. Keep it real.  Take small steps.  Have faith.  In the coming weeks MUCH will be revealed.  It’s a choice to allow or NOT allow.  Be your own Shero.  You – – Have  – – So – – Got – – This!!!  All is well!  ❤


Step 162: The Courage of Destiny

Humans are conditioned from birth – to be afraid to fail.  The most powerful tool a human has is the ability to just say “NO!”  Whatever that “thing” that has been avoided can no longer be avoided.  By avoiding it – we give it MORE POWER.  Think back to August 26, 2017Remember the Great American EclipseOur Sisyphus Moment is over.  Stop pushing that boulder up the hill.  That cycle ends today.  Pent-up frustration seeks release through creative self-expression.  We can turn something ugly into something beautiful.  Be FEARLESS!
Expect a new passion (if it hasn’t already appeared).  Contrast – seeing “what IS” by discovering “what IS NOT.   For today – expect to “stumble onto something” that opens a door toward a new directionBalance is the keyBe as nice to yourself as you are to others.  Remember – there are 2 active cycles overlapping – one brings an ending – one brings a new beginning.  It can be confusing.  Check your own motives.  Integrity is currency.  Move on with compassion – honor “other’s” path.  Be your own Shero – be kind and have courage. This doesn’t have to be difficult.  Failure is NOT an option – because FAILURE doesn’t exist (except in the Ego’s Mind).  All is well!
Credit: Al Harrill

Step 156: Kicking myself out of the Nest!

“Robot – (N) – Meaning: 1. A mechanical device designed to do the work of a human being. 2. A person who performs repetitious work mechanically, without feeling or emotion.” 

Fearless Rising!  The Universe has tools to move us into “self-realization.”  The future is encoded in the past – our job is to remember the future. We are moving away from resistance and into acceptance – it is NOT for the faint of heart. Truth can destroy “False Truth.”  For today – expect clarity – and closure.  The Soul sees it all as experience for growth. The  Ego takes it personally.  Soul Essence knows the difference.  It is only when a human has had enough will they seek to make the necessary changes. It’s okay to be a “messy human.”  We’re all in it together – you know?  Intensity levels will rise in the coming days. Steady. Be kind to self and others.  Be generous with smiles and compassion.  Use common sense to find common bonds.  We’re learning to save ourselves –  it’s called “kicking myself out of the Nest!”  All is well!   ❤
Credit: Truth Beckons

Step 32: Meet in the Middle

Credit: Unknown
WITHOUT Integrity, Nothing Else Matters.  WITH Integrity, Nothing Else Matters.”  ~Robert Mueller
Expect Practical Magic.  Today we’re halfway between the Winter Solstice and Vernal Equinox.  Seeds sprout.  The “seed” was planted April 26th – 27th – 2018.  Choices made today will have consequences June 20, 2019.  We will keep getting “do-overs” until we “get it.”  Take action to transform – actions taken today set the tone for the next 13 days.  Something unknown becomes known today – like lightening in the Heart.  Integrity.  Truth.  Authenticity.  The question today is – “what scares me the most?”  Move in that direction.  Conscious Self meets Unconscious SelfFuture Self lets Old Self goDo my actions match my words and intentions?  Move toward “Highest and Best-Best” today.  We’ve reached the “turning point” today.  Just ahead – “changing of the guard.’  All is well! ❤