“Circumspect – (Adj.) careful to consider all circumstances and possible consequences.”

Every beginning starts with an ending. The pendulum swings from “me” to “we” continuously – – back and forth – every 80 years.  Connect Dots.  We’ve gone from “fighting for common good” to “fighting each other.”  We exist in two worlds. The world we see – AND  – the world we don’t see. Is it possible to see how the Mind unconsciously manipulates “my” thinking process?  Look to where ego has taken control – aka – dogma – beliefs – behaviors (in relationships/ business/questing). Ego says, “he/she/they should do this or that – act a certain way.”  ReallySays “who?”  This week – Welcome disclosure and transparency as it reveals “blind spots” – – be honest with Self.  We are ALL ignorant about our blind spots.  Integrity is currencyJustice arrives when it’s Time.  Think back to 1989 (current frame of reference) – – yes – – walls will fallAnd the pendulum swings.  Whatever the BIG problem (out-there) you are focused on – remember – we all caused it and keep perpetuating it.  No one person created it – but – Together – we will correct it.  “Karma is NOT a Cosmic Debt” – – it’s experiencing something the Soul desires from ALL sides.  Have faith and get ready to take a “flying Leap” later this week.  We’re ready!  Be yourself – you’re more than enough.  You’ve got this!  Keep a sense of humor especially if you’ve asked/hoped/wished/prayed for hasn’t arrived – just yet!  Up to now – perhaps “I’ve” been protected when “I thought I was being denied.”  HmmmWhat does MY SOUL want to experience today?  All is well!    ❤

Step 151: Chapter 6 – Future Forward

“Tergiversate – (verb/intransitive) To equivocate, to be ambivalent or indecisive. 2. To reverse position, to apostatize, to go over to the other side

Twelve chapters – 365 pagesJune – Chapter 6!  It always takes longer to plan than to act.  It takes EXTREME patience/time to grow and develop Inner Knowing/Intuition.  Humans love “quick-fast-and-in-a-hurry-quick-fix-please” – – rather than building a strong foundation.  How many times have we changed jobs or relationships – only to discover “same-sh*t-different-day?”  It’s no wonder people are angry.  If that “frog” (job/relationship) hasn’t turned into a Prince/Princess yet – chances are good  they’re not going to.  ​Analysis-Paralysis is a sure death to big dreams and lofty goals/aspirationsFor today – go to FutureMe.org (click here) and write a letter to yourself (delivery date – January 10, 2020). For your frame of reference – think back to July 2018.  What was the goal in July 2018 and what steps are being taken to accomplish that goal – or has the goal changed?  Focus on objectives – not outcomes – let’s roll!  It’s June and “I can save myself.”  Be your own Shero – trust yourself – you got this.  All is well!  ❤


January 10, 2020 will be here before we know it – Zoom!


Step 150: Time Ripples

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.” ~Mary Anne Radmacher

Remember one year ago today? A deeply profound and sincere question was askedtension brings the answerDoctored Storytelling. Humans would be surprised how things change when someone is forgiven – especially self-forgiveness. Change the story – change your life.  Are you looking for the answers to your questions – or – the questions to your answers? It’s a Paradox!  For today – take a deep breath – exhale slowly.  Put both feet on the ground (barefoot is great).  Connect with the Earth.  Feel it.  Be inspired.  When an emotion – train of thought – focus or interest in something rises up – regarding another that leaves you dazed and confused – repeat after me – “This has absolutely NOTHING to do with me – it’s NOT my Circus – not my clowns.”   That’s it – Believe it!  Keep it REALBe your own Guru – Be your own Shero!  All is well!