Step 131: Focus-Forward

“Incipient – (adj.) – beginning to come into being or to become apparent.” 
It should be obvious now.  Breaking with tradition – that is no longer acceptable.  It’s time.  It’s extraordinary.  Much preparation has gone into the Unfolding that’s about to be presented to us individually – collectively in the coming week.  What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?  Seeds were planted November 7, 2018.  They come to fruition this week when the “Force” and the “Object” come face-to-face.  For today – patience please.  Focus on what IS working – not on what IS NOT working. Ask Self, “if all bets are off – what would I – could I create from my wildest dreams?”  Be practical – be kind – be compassion and remember to speak with your Soul – what does it want?  One more thing – if you don’t feel like you don’t “fit in,” pat yourself on the back – you don’t and you’re not supposed to!  All is well!   ❤

Step 49: The Cusp of Change

Credit: Post Secret

“It’s not happy people who are thankful but it’s thankful people who are happy.”  ~Gratitude Changes Everything Movie

Time and place.  Our greatest weakness is our greatest strength.  Take a moment and look back over the past 8 years.  What “hurt” needs to be reconciled?  A line is being drawn in the sand – a forever line.  Think back to April 17, 2018.  Past AND Present MERGE.  A cycle closes that started in 1968Conscious competence is the skills we have acquired in a lifetime.  Unconscious competence is our Soul Gift – an instinctive unique talent – “my” Superpower.  Everyone has them – not everyone recognizes them.  If you’re unsure of your “superpower” ask the folks who know you and who you trust.  For today – seek CONTEXT over CONTENT.  Be kind, have compassion, have courage and above all – forgive yourself and others.  The world NEEDS your Superpower!  All is well. ❤