Step 134: The Liar’s Paradox

“Accept what is.  Release what was.  Create what must BE.”  ~Andrea Balt

The Liar’s Paradox (Sutherland Careers)

What is it? More famously known as the Epimenides paradox, this is one of the oldest known paradoxes having been first suggested circa 600BC.  Greek Philosopher Eubulides of Miletus postulated “A man says that he is lying.  Is what he says true or false?”  The basic premise of this paradox is – “This statement is false.”

Wait, What?  If “This statement is false” is true, then “This statement is false” is true.  Therefore “This statement is falsemust be false.  The hypothesis that “This statement is false” is true leads to the conclusion that “This statement is false” is false, which is a contradiction.

To put it in simpler terms, I will assign the coefficient of (A) to the statement “This statement is false” which gives us:

If (A) is true, then (A) is true.  Therefore (A) must be false.  The hypothesis that (A) is true leads to the conclusion that (A) is false, which is a contradiction.  Think that is confusing?  We are just getting started!

All is well! ❤


Step 92: Initiate Decloaking Sequence

Friday – April 5, 2019 – Past Meets Future
We close out a cycle that started on April 15, 2018.
We arrive halfway through a cycle that started on January 6, 2019.
We arrive halfway through a cycle start started on July 13, 2018.
Shifting gears!  Trust but verify.  Stop being afraid to be afraid.  Feel the Fear.  Life is about to get interesting and has a funny way of working out – not one thought – deed -word – or action is ever forgotten by the Creative Genius some call God or Universe.  Energy can never be destroyed – it can only be transformed into something new.  Who is in change – the Soul or the Ego?  Every day is a gift – for better or worse – Life shows up for each of us.  The least we can do is show up for Life.  It might not be the “party” we were hoping for – but – it’s the “party” humans need right now. It’s time to start “taking in more Light.”   All that “stuff” that has been thrown away, discarded and moved out – has created New Space.  Find some time for stillness today as the Decloaking Sequence is initiated.  Today we are dancing in the shadow of the past – preparing to meet the Future.  Plant SEEDS.  Let go.  Move on.  Say goodbye.  Say hello.  Be kind.  Be courageous.  Claim your intent.  Follow your strength.  Take baby steps everyday.  Integrity is currency.   All is well!  ❤

Step 88: Sunday Blessings

“The trouble is, you think you have time.”  ~Buddha
When we’re hungry or feel like we’re starving – we’ll gorge on what’s in front of us.  We end up overstuffed – undernourished – dissatisfied.  The Soul needs HIGH quality food.  When the Soul detoxes it sheds old thoughts, feelings, pain and struggle. Old memories are departing the Soul. Where am I out of integrity?

  1. What’s chronic, repetitive or inflamed in my inner or outer life?
  2. Where am I not feeling what I feel – knowing what I know – saying what I believe or doing what feels most right?
  3. What would radical simplicity look like for me?
  4. How do I keep it lean and clean? 
  5. What needs to be cleaned up so I can be free to do and offer my best work in the world?
​All is well!  ​<3