Step 160: Moving Stillness

“Moribund – (adj.) – On the brink of death in every sense of the word, in the process of dying out.”

Context is everything!  We often think of evolution as happening gradually.  Not so.  It comes in leaps Relevance means “does this matter to me – or – do I really care?”  Credibility means – “do I believe it?”  Stillness does NOT mean to stop.  It’s hard to change long-time habits – but the more we’re willing to try – the more we can make up for lost time.  How uncomfortable are you willing to getDetox.  De-clutter.  For today – we each are given an opportunity to let go – move on – and forgive (unforgiveness is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die)Expect to learn something of great value today.  Yes – you are seeing accurately.  Nature’s gift will be found “blowing in the wind” today!  LISTEN!  All is well!  ❤

Credit: Alana Fairchild

Step 151: Chapter 6 – Future Forward

“Tergiversate – (verb/intransitive) To equivocate, to be ambivalent or indecisive. 2. To reverse position, to apostatize, to go over to the other side

Twelve chapters – 365 pagesJune – Chapter 6!  It always takes longer to plan than to act.  It takes EXTREME patience/time to grow and develop Inner Knowing/Intuition.  Humans love “quick-fast-and-in-a-hurry-quick-fix-please” – – rather than building a strong foundation.  How many times have we changed jobs or relationships – only to discover “same-sh*t-different-day?”  It’s no wonder people are angry.  If that “frog” (job/relationship) hasn’t turned into a Prince/Princess yet – chances are good  they’re not going to.  ​Analysis-Paralysis is a sure death to big dreams and lofty goals/aspirationsFor today – go to (click here) and write a letter to yourself (delivery date – January 10, 2020). For your frame of reference – think back to July 2018.  What was the goal in July 2018 and what steps are being taken to accomplish that goal – or has the goal changed?  Focus on objectives – not outcomes – let’s roll!  It’s June and “I can save myself.”  Be your own Shero – trust yourself – you got this.  All is well!  ❤


January 10, 2020 will be here before we know it – Zoom!


Step 150: Time Ripples

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.” ~Mary Anne Radmacher

Remember one year ago today? A deeply profound and sincere question was askedtension brings the answerDoctored Storytelling. Humans would be surprised how things change when someone is forgiven – especially self-forgiveness. Change the story – change your life.  Are you looking for the answers to your questions – or – the questions to your answers? It’s a Paradox!  For today – take a deep breath – exhale slowly.  Put both feet on the ground (barefoot is great).  Connect with the Earth.  Feel it.  Be inspired.  When an emotion – train of thought – focus or interest in something rises up – regarding another that leaves you dazed and confused – repeat after me – “This has absolutely NOTHING to do with me – it’s NOT my Circus – not my clowns.”   That’s it – Believe it!  Keep it REALBe your own Guru – Be your own Shero!  All is well! 

Step 88: Sunday Blessings

“The trouble is, you think you have time.”  ~Buddha
When we’re hungry or feel like we’re starving – we’ll gorge on what’s in front of us.  We end up overstuffed – undernourished – dissatisfied.  The Soul needs HIGH quality food.  When the Soul detoxes it sheds old thoughts, feelings, pain and struggle. Old memories are departing the Soul. Where am I out of integrity?

  1. What’s chronic, repetitive or inflamed in my inner or outer life?
  2. Where am I not feeling what I feel – knowing what I know – saying what I believe or doing what feels most right?
  3. What would radical simplicity look like for me?
  4. How do I keep it lean and clean? 
  5. What needs to be cleaned up so I can be free to do and offer my best work in the world?
​All is well!  ​<3


Step 63: The Death of Fake Truth

Credit: Joel McPhee

“The world is full of lonely people afraid to make the first move.”  ~Green Book – Movie

Unspoken.  Body Language.  Observe.  Rewind.  Review.  Rethink.  Water is the most powerful force on Earth.  It can smooth sharp edges and flows through and around anything that tries to stand in its way.  Without tension there will be no movement. Don’t want to NOT GO.  Cosmic Wake-Up Call – the Collective Unconscious is awakening.  Truth or Lies?  What do you believe?  What’s real?  Avoid hyperbole.  Learn from the past – integrate hard-earned-wisdom.  Take a deep breath – exhale slowly – Delete the past.  We begin again.  All is well.  ❤

Step 4: Re-View

Think back to January 20, 2012.  Do you remember that conversation you had with “you know who?”  Hmmm – you don’t remember, you say.  Let’s refresh the memory.  It was the day before the world was supposed to end – but it didn’t.  The following 3 days, January 21-23, consciously or unconsciously, every human being went through a personal Life Review.

No – the world is NOT going to end tomorrow either.  🙂

For today – if you need to have a conversation about that “thing” that’s been a concern, a bother, a puzzle, a riddle or a paradox – ask yourself, “who is in charge here, ‘my Soul’ or ‘my Ego?”  How does one tell the difference?

Ask yourself:

Am I doing the right thing for the right reason?”

“Am I doing the right thing for the wrong reason?”

“Am I doing the wrong thing for the right reason?”

“Am I doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason?

Listen within and be radically honest with Self.  All will become much clearer in the next 3 days.  You’ll see!  ❤

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.”  ~Joseph Campbell