Step 130: Sleeping Mirror Wakes Up

Perspicacity – (N) – keenness of mental perception and understanding; discernment, penetration.

Humans believe TIME is linear.  Time – like the seasons of Earth – is Circular.  Can you “feel” what you KNOW?  The Heart directs us – if we listen.  This is a “dot-connecting-day.”  We always KNOW the outcome of a relationship – when we CHOOSE to listen.  ​Are you “choosing” or “chosen?”  What does the Soul desire?  It sent the message December 30, 2018.  It was revealed in “black and white.”  The outer is now stripped away – so that something deeper is revealed – the Sleeping Mirror – – – from choices made around February 23rd. (Forbidden Fruit – TabooChanging VALUES!  Choices made today attract and manifest July 21st.  Have faith – in the end – all things become Known.  Truth evolves us!  All is well!   ❤
Credit: Daisybug

Step 53: Again……

It is through losing something over and over that we come to realize what we really havewhich by the way – is identical to who we truly are – eternal and timeless Beings.  Use X-Ray Vision – What’s the difference between “Jesus Christ” and “Christ Jesus?”  Today – ready to encounter the “dark side” of life?  Avoid IT or Embrace IT?  It’s a personal choiceSacred Evolution is the goal. No worries – we all get there – right on time.  May the “Force” be with you!  All is well.   ❤
Credit: Samantha McJunkin

Step 52: The Sacred Process of Elimination

Credit: Bonita Eisle
The hardest bridge to burn is the one between who you are and who you thought you were.  No surface-skimming today.  Reflection.  Highest and Best.  Meaning and Purpose.  Life is a Sacred Process.  Something from within is “calling” out to be recognized.  Patience.  Pay attention to “Thought(s)-Streaming.”  Be grateful for the Truth – even if it’s inconvenient.  No spiritual bypassing either.  If it seems like “same-old-same-old,” it’s because it is.
Think back to October 29, 2018 and  December 22, 2018 and February 18/19, 2019.  Connect dots!  That’s where today’s “thoughts” originated.  We’ll revisit this “THOUGHT” on March 15th and April 12th.  It keeps coming back around until “I get it.”  Where does THOUGHT originate – and – which thought(s) need to be adjusted?  Start with the facts – and work your way down to the depths and back up the ladder. Thought starter: “I AM the meaning in my life.”  Sometimes getting lost is the best thing that can happen to a person.  Faith and trust!  All is well.   ❤

Step 51: Balance

cognitive dissonance (noun, psychology) – the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.  All is well! ❤

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